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Startups. Entrepreneurs. Musicians. Corporate Execs. Intrapreneurs. Developers.Designers. YOU!

April 5,6,7, 2018 | Kingston, Jamaica


V/C @ Harlem Capital Partners
Content Producer
CEO @ Close.io

With more to come!

About Converge

Every year the Converge Summit brings together disruptors, innovators and visionaries at the frontline of our global technology, startups, and creative ecosystems to offer key insights, big ideas and collaborate. The Summit takes a unique focus on how Technology will transform the creative economy gloablly, and explores a technology driven future.

Converge will offer fresh perspective on Marketing, Fundraising, Distributing Content, Arts in the 21st century.

Inspiring Keynotes | Reinventing Experiences | Fun, Friends & Food

  • Future of Startups
  • Fundraising
  • Entrepreneurship
  • User acquisition
  • Future of Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Music & the arts

An exclusive line-up of events and speakers.


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High School and college students can register to receive discounted / complimentary tickets to attend the Converge Summit. (At the discretion of organizers)

You're going to
LOVE Kingston

You’ll love Kingston ! The capital is not only home to one of the region’s fastest growing startup ecosystems - you'll enjoy the best of Jamaica from reggae music to jerk chicken.

Need help with travel? Contact our concierge for all information. We’ll help you with booking flights, accommodations , local transportation and much more!

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“It was truly an inspiring experience.”

- Alandrea Allyson

“Hustle Summit was absolutely spectacular. So many networking opportunities”

- Sahkyle

“A day well spent”

- Andrew Brown

“Electric Energy in the room/ Everyone eager to learn from peers and network.”

- Marcia Forbes


> What are my payment options?

Payments can be processed online, In-Person (Cash Only) or deposited to the Next Gen Creators banking account.

> Can I refund my ticket? 

Tickets are non-refundable. Tickets can be transferred if a request is sent to converge@nextgencreators.com

> Will there be on-site registration available?

Ticket purchase on the day will only be permitted if tickets are available.

> What are my hotel / lodging options?

Contact our Concierge team to inquire about our special accommodations for attendees.

> Are there tickets for startups & and students?

Students & Startups can apply for bursaries to have their ticket cost wavered. Admission is at the discretion of the organizers.

> How do I attend private events?

The Converge Summit will feature 3 private events ; our Beach retreat , Speakers Dinner and Ask Me Anything Mentor sessions. These events can be accessed by purchasing an influencer pass or a ticket-add on. To purchase add-ons you MUST be an existing ticket holder.

*Opens in January

Promoting entrepreneurship and technology in the Caribbean and Latin America.

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  • Kingston - Jamaica
  • Cell : 876-451-3421

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